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Impetuous column
or How to Extract Back Tooth to Bourgeoisie.

Note of author: Till 2020/10/5 was ordering my columns Czech TV and Goverment of Czech Rep., whoam I send the refer-tag to this site. - The thema is unriddling by me only! ;o)


You Don’t Want BOOZE, Beer Nation?! (CZ)

The other day I was wandering through the internet (since the time of the China’s parting) and I found my own website: avi-legal.com. It’s a website of the torrent seed organization AT.SOS (SOSAT means BOOZE in Czech) claiming among many other meanings of its name mainly this: We make order in this Eintopf!
The situation is literally horrible, instead of having the film makers call us to fight in this time of their receding confidence the seeders are blamed with. What can you say about it: the revenue is sinking and the confidence of fat film producers who rather pay easy-to-hire Russian hackers to block our trackers instead of inviting us to their business.
It used to be quite fine but now it’s just crap with vinegar. See. Real Price #23: If the entire academy decides the way it did in 2017 when awarding the Czech Lions to the film Masaryk, then I’m not surprised that us, collectors, have such horrible things happen. What to say about it? Probably just: Bon apetit with the small actor’s (naked ;o) ) lunches.
-the author is Marazko-

translation by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ

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