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Impetuous column
or How to Extract Back Tooth to Bourgeoisie.

Note of author: Till 2020/10/5 was ordering my columns Czech TV and Goverment of Czech Rep., whoam I send the refer-tag to this site. - The thema is unriddling by me only! ;o)


So that minorities don’t become majority!

Recently I read the revue Kontexty (Contexts) and there was an article there about the politologist Sartori. He is a defender of the indirect democracy claiming that the human kind can’t rule over themselves (and someone "else" ensuring incomplete education for you, little Christs) on their own (which is also contained in my Real-Price.INFO ), which is evident due to the content of the Beast 666 in the body of the company (theology reason). Further more, he claims that majorities should obey minorities. As to the matter of races, it is not that bad, the RAP will be unlearned by both parties one day but regarding support of gays I think that homosexuality is a latently natural thing for each one of us, we actually find it a bit fishy, so to say.
I had an idea recently that in that opinion Sartori actually surpasses himself because in that kind of democracy it is easy to get to the point when everyone finds it fishy non-latently or we all start RAPping!
-the author is Marazko-

translation by MPS Ltd. Prague CZ

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